I use to be rather large, then I did hypnotherapy for weight loss and what a difference, life is just better, I feel more confident and happy. I loved it so much I enrolled to learn how to be a Clinical Hypnotherapist with Karen’s college, the Australian Hypnotherapy College. I recommend hypnotherapy to everyone, it just works.


I used Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Just wanted to say how great I now feel. The issues I had were long term and after doing your trauma and baggage sessions I feel lighter, focused and truly happy. Can’t believe how fast and effective it was, incredible really.

My issues dissolved

I met Karen on the Today Show while I was struggling with some personal issues. I did the remove baggage and relationship recovery sessions – OMG, it changed my life. I actually woke up happy again and it had been a long time since I felt that. These VH sessions are incredibly valuable and I recommend them to everyone.

Jo Abi – 9Honey

Karen, Morning…feedback on your sleep through the night audio. Absolutely brilliant! I cannot thank you enough…life changing for me!! Best night’s sleep I’ve had in years.  This morning I was able to clearly view the timeline of when my sleep interruption started. A wonderful feeling to wake up and not view the world through tired exhausted eyes.  Amazing!! My physicality is also somehow different today – better.Thank you so so much for sharing this tool…brilliant. I am very excited. This is a new beginning. THANK YOU!  Cheers, Kate

Kate – best night’s sleep

“Just wanted to let you know I downloaded No More Lonely Dog after I started a new job leaving my best friend alone for hours a day. He became distressed, annoying to neighbours and digging his way out of the yard. I followed your instructions, played the track with him and now, he doesn’t bark much during the day, no more digging up the yard and he seems so much more settled and happy. The neighbours are loving me now. Thank you for this track for dogs, it is perfect and he really loves the diggery doo music part, which is so different. Actually my little granddaughter sleeps really well to it as well, bonus. Thanks again” – Jim

My dog is now settled and happy when I am away

“I’ve lost over 20kgs (44lbs) in just a few months. I’ve tried diets, shakes, exercise and it hasn’t helped me to lose weight. Virtual Hypnotherapy is literally the only thing that has worked for me, and it’s so easy. It was like an educational lesson that made sense. It was just so easy. Life is now changed and so much better”​ – Jenna


How my weight loss changed my life

“I did Karen’s session about 10 months ago and have lost 25 kilo. I feel fabulous and love that everyone thinks I look amazing. It was so easy, my mind just seemed to know what to do. I ate small portions of good food. I have more energy, can do so much more, life is great. If you want to lose weight, this is the easiest and safest way to do it, it just works ” – Barb

 Then  Now

The weight loss session changed my life

“I had a lot of trouble sleeping for the past few months until I used the Virtual Hypnotherapy Stop Insomnia audio. It was BRILLIANT. I have had the best nights sleep every night. The first morning after a full night sleep I waited for my husband to wake up so I could tell him, I was so excited. Best thing I ever did, I am rested and have so much energy now, everyone should use this” – Caroline

I now sleep like a baby

“The weight-loss session was fantastic and I felt really relaxed. I’ve lost 5 Kgs in the first month so easily, and it just keeps coming off. I think everyone should do it.” – Jo

Another weight loss success

“I used the on-line hypnotherapy for weight loss and found it very professionally done. I no longer have any of my food addictions and I love the sleep session, it has worked a charm. I have found it very easy to use and anybody who uses this session will greatly benefit. My weight loss is continual and it so easy. It is like having a MAJIC WAND, highly recommend this fabulous session, love it. I am now using their other sessions to remove those old issues I carry around, can’t wait for the freedom” – Margaret

I loved the weight loss session – I am now doing more different sessions