I purchased my session and had an issue so contacted VH. They promptly assisted to ensure I received everything perfectly working. It was my device error. Loved the session, so relaxing, so beneficial and the changes that just occurred naturally and instantly. I opened my eyes feeling different, lighter, happier and with no fear or worry anymore. I then got another session for an issue I had been challenged with most of my life and like magic, that too was alleviated. Love them, so great. Highly recommend.- Roslyn.

Fantastic service, great session

I did your quit smoking which worked perfectly. I thought I would give the relationship recovery one a go after my partner and I split up and I was struggling. Well, to say she is so far away from my thoughts now is an understatement. I was really struggling thinking about her all the time but now – gone. It’s so great. I am smoke-free, person-free, and looking forward to my next phase of life. And I am listening to your wealth generation session now, ready to take those steps to financial freedom as well. Life is going great, thanks. – Stephen

I’m cured

I have used so many other ways to reduce my weight but I always struggled or bounced back up. I did your weight-loss 1st session and I can’t believe what a positive effect it had on me. The information simply changed my mindset. After I did the hypnosis session, what a change I felt immediately. I really do have full control now of what I choose to eat and how much I eat. I feel more energetic, motivated and so excited. I was able to throw out all that old guilt I had. Without really doing anything much the weight is coming off and I love the alkaline balanced eating so much, man I feel so good. Lyn.

Weight is coming off easily

I used hypnotherapy before with an issue and did really well. I thought I would give your online session a go. It worked perfectly. The issue I used to struggle with has vanished. I kept the session in case I need it again but so far, a few weeks later, all remains excellent. Such a great idea to help so many people for such little cost. Thank you so much Karen. – Adriana

Such a great result

I was a little hesitant but I knew I needed to do something about my issue. I had tried counselling and psychology but it didn’t help much. The doctor gave me drugs but they were horrific. Then I came across your facebook ad and thought, why not. Wow, I did the Abolish bad Habits and almost immediately I felt different, that issue I had now has all but gone, I really did regain my control so easily. Then I used the trauma recovery from my past issues and I immediately felt lighter. The baggage I was carrying seemed to disappear right away. I feel better than I have for as long as I can remember. Love the sessions and they made such a positive difference in my life, thank you so much. – Graeme.

These sessions are incredible

I got your quit smoking session and it worked perfectly. So then I got the remove baggage, then I got stop nail-biting, and then I got generating wealth. I LOVE these sessions. The positive changes it has made to my life are nothing short of miraculous. From feeling low, depressed, overwhelmed to now feeling strong, empowered, positive and clear is something I never thought I could ever achieve. I had different therapies for years, never much change until now. You Karen are simply incredible and I sincerely thank you so deeply for helping me to make my life purposeful, happy and so empowered. – Chris

My life is so changed

I am eating less and making better choices. I feel so much clearer and better and it is so easy. Weight is just coming off and I don’t even have to think about it. Can’t wait to start playing more with the kids. – Annie

I loved the weight loss session

I love the tools I got from these sessions. It instilled in me that I can control my thoughts and feelings, and change myself instead of feeling so frustrated at how other things didn’t work out or what other people did or said, especially from the past. I feel re-empowered and in control. I am making the decisions right for me. I feel stronger, clearer, and way happier. Highly recommend the sessions especially if you have old crap to get rid of. – Grant


It Jigged my Brain to think better

I just wanted to say thank you for changing my life. I was tormented by past trauma and issues, much relating to DV and early childhood abuse. I went for Psychology for years off and on, with little change. Then I came across your site and did the remove baggage session, wow, incredible change. I then went onto use the lower anxiety and the PTSD session. Yes, I became a VH junkie ūüôā I feel different, better, stronger, lighter and stronger so THANK YOU so much. Anyone with any past issue really needs to do this for themself. As Karen says, our mind creates the emotional connection so our mind can uncreate it once we know how. This is certainly your how.

Thankyou for changing my life VH

I am a nurse who was struggling with Anxiety.¬†The prescribed pills were not working. Counselling had limited effect. I was struggling to continue to work efficiently. Then I found the¬†Reduce Anxiety session. I¬†was a sceptic but am now a convert. I am refocused, motivated and happy again. I think differently and recommend this to everyone struggling with any anxiety issues, especially my patients.‚ÄĚ – Arlene

Anxiety is now gone

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