Step 1: Download your session on your desktop/laptop either via the ‘Thank You for your Purchase, page or via your email confirmation.

Step 2: Save your session into your chosen media application, if your tablets and phones are all in sync your media will automatically now be on all devices.

Step 3: If you are downloading your sessions on your tablet or phone, then your session will act as a streaming session only. Please note you must be connected to internet for streaming products to work

Step 4: When you have time, go back to your email from your desktop/laptop device and follow Steps 1 & 2. To get maximum benefit from this session I recommend you follow these simple steps:

To get maximum benefit from this session I recommend you follow these simple steps:

Choose a Convenient Time & Place

Some products come with a Video and Audio session combined, where others are purely just an audio session. Depending on what session you have purchased, sit comfortably to watch your Video psychotherapy session, then choose a comfortable place to listen to your Audio hypnotherapy session. Choose somewhere you can relax without being disturbed. Listen to your session at any time when it is private, comfortable and convenient for you.

Listen, Relax, Enjoy

Make sure you’re in a position to relax deeply. You may prefer to listen whilst lying down in bed or sitting on a comfortable chair. Then just relax, let go and enjoy the process without trying to think consciously about what is said. Your subconscious mind will do all the positive work on your behalf.

Can I Repeat the Session?

Once you have downloaded your sessions you have the freedom to use them as many times as you require.

The commitment required is for you to listen to the audio for about 2 weeks to further embed all suggestions.

WARNING: Do NOT listen to any session whilst driving or operating machinery. Always make sure you are in a safe, quiet and comfortable place without distractions.

Once you select Buy Now you will have your selected session available to use immediately.