*Results can vary from person to person.
40min session (25MB download)

Testimonial from a 60-year-old surfer – “I surfed most of my life and loved it. With work being so busy and my body changing I went out less and less. I came across this session when searching for a way to change the way I thought. I wanted to get back into the water yet had reservations, felt less capable and my shoulder issue was causing me grief. Well, I listened to the session a few times because the first couple I fell asleep. Not sure what happened but now I wake up, am excited to grab my board and surf before work. I look forward to every day I surf now. My body just feels younger and it’s so great to get out the back and ride the waves I was baulking at before. I know I will keep surfing and enjoying it for many years to come. Maybe I will celebrate my 80th by riding the best wave of my life” – Scott H…., Port Stephens

Surfing for Life - To reshape your surfing future

surfing for life
(My husband Wayne - Still Loving Surfing, now over 60 and 5 knee surgeries, he plans to surf forever.)

Did you know that you can, in fact, Surf for Life? As we age, many surfers feel their surfing days are gone or they feel so restricted, feel a block that may prevent us from surfing. The enjoyment and thrill of riding that perfect wave becomes more distant in your mind. 

• Do you love surfing?
• Want to keep surfing forever?
• Are you struggling to remove those surfing self-doubts?

As a qualified psychotherapist and hypnotherapist that has been improving peoples mind and surfing ability for a while now with wonderful success, perhaps it is your time to let us reprogram our mind for the right results…

What most people have not yet realised, is that beyond just wanting to surf and sitting out in the water waiting to feel strong and surf well…lies an untapped ‘layer’ of programming that ‘steers’ our behaviour and thoughts, whether we are aware of it or not. We call this ‘layer’: “Neuro Associations”.

We’re talking about tapping into the in-depth programming of the mind…and rewriting that program so you can effortlessly again enjoy surfing like you did before, with that confidence & excitement you’ve always desired.

However, the reason why only a handful of people know about this is because… …most people were never told the way the subconscious mind works… It’s a powerful machine.

With Virtual Hypnotherapy, Dr Karen Phillip speaks directly to your subconscious mind, enabling your mind to make the changes to get what you want and let go of those unwanted emotions holding you back.

Hypnotherapy to Surf for Life lets you:

• Surf confidently again, like you did when younger

• Get excited to ride the waves

• Create more sustainable and long-term enjoyment in surfing

• Remove that age barrier and regain your strength to feel confident and free again

• Let those aches and pains dissolve into the water

• Like having your own personal therapist on call anytime, the session is yours to keep

This new technique is proven to deliver more beneficial results and enables both the conscious and subconscious mind to receive beneficial suggestions. It is your subconscious mind that is currently holding you back, it is time to change that now. Allow yourself to benefit from this session to readjust your subconscious mind so you can feel in control, more excited to surf and enjoy surfing forever. No-one or nothing has the right to take this from you, it’s time to it take back, because you are worth it.

The Virtual Hypnotherapy session fits around your schedule and can be listened to on your phone, computer or tablet device. The session is available anytime, anywhere, according to your requirements. Sit back, relax and listen while your subconscious mind is guided to release those negative thoughts, creating the excitement to surf free and youthful again. Session approx. 40 minutes.