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Mal de debarquement syndrome, or MdDS, is an issue that affects a minority of people who disembark off a cruise ship yet remain unbalanced and dizzy for months or years after. It interferes with their life and work, has detrimental health issues and causes increased stress and anxiety for the sufferer.

Mal de debarquement symptoms can include headache, fatigue, dizziness, a rocking feeling and vertigo. It affects your life, your work and can isolate the individual from normal work, social and family life. It can be devastating.

To date, there is no medical cure. It appears that MdDS is caused by an internal oscillator developed to predict boat motion within the mind. Medical reports have indicated the treatment strategy should be aimed at manipulation of psychological variables rather than somatosensory nervous system integration.

MdDS is not well studied and has been generally ignored. After working with a few people who came to my rooms, I wrote a Blog to discuss this rare condition. After many contacts from sufferers I discovered it isn’t as rare as thought, in fact too many people suffer this hideous condition with no medical intervention available. Now many people around the world suffering the effects of MdDS, who have tried a variety of medications, tests, MRI scans, visited ENT specialists, all without any help, have used this session successfully.

What I have discovered is the subconscious mind seems to believe the person remains on the water and moving.Therefore, the mind continues to adjust the body to compensate. This specifically designed session releases the minds need to continue to compensate. The symptoms then often dissolve or considerably diminshed.This can occur almost immediately with some, while others may take several days as the mind readjusts.

It may not be the scientific way to beat MdDS according to medical doctors, but it has worked many times and it could for you as well.

This session is a natural process in which your mind is more receptive to positive suggestion, readjusting the inner belief of being on the ship. Your mind has created this, therefore, it only makes sense your mind can uncreate it, once it knows how.

The session remains your to keep forever. It is worth enjoying the session in a bid to get your life back to normal. The worst thing that can happen is you get a wonderful relaxation session to enjoy over again, at best your condition will subside and your life will return to normal.