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Weight loss results actually happen faster and are more sustainable when we reprogram our brain for the right results

• Have you struggled in the past trying to Lose Weight?

• Do you find it challenging to retain the motivation to stay focused and stick to your set goals?

• Wouldn’t it be great if you could re-program your mind, wipe the slate clean and start fresh?

With your Virtual Hypnotherapy program, you can get rid of that internal resistance that has been holding you back and eliminate that struggle enabling your brain to Think Slim, guiding you to better food choices. Food will no longer control you because you get back your control.

What most people have not yet realised, is that beyond exercise, diet, and self-control …lies an untapped ‘layer’ of programming that ‘steers’ your behaviour, whether we are aware of it or not. We call this ‘layer’, “Neuro Associations”.

We’re talking about tapping into the in-depth programming of your mind that has kept you overweight, even when you’ve tried all the diets. Rewriting that program can effortlessly get you the body shape and confidence you’ve always desired.  The reason why only a handful of people know about this is because most people were never told the way the subconscious mind works…

Stop that weight bounce; lose your excess weight and keep it off.

Imagine walking past a store window, glancing at your new slim shape before entering to buy that gorgeous new outfit that looks sensational on you. Imagine how confident you will feel wearing those fitted clothes, looking and feeling renewed and fabulous, moving freely and being in control. How incredible to no longer feel invisible, to be seen as attractive, energetic and feeling confident in your new shape.
Use Hypnotherapy to Lose Weight Naturally Now:

• No risky surgery
• No expensive meal plans or meal replacements
• No personal trainers or Gym time
• No diet, no meetings or speciality food
• The session is yours to keep, like having your own personal Therapist on call

There is No Diet, you just naturally select small portions of delicious good foods.

Your Virtual Hypnotherapy session can be conveniently downloaded, viewed and listened to on your phone, computer or tablet device. Giving you the power to retrain the way you think, behave and feel about food; and all in the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to the old you and welcome the new better you. It really is easy. This specifically designed program is proven and can work for you. Instead of paying nearly $400 to have this session in the therapy room, you pay a fraction and get to keep it forever. That is an 80% saving with nothing more to ever pay. Say good bye to your weight today.

Instead of having to make an appointment in our clinic (which is often booked out) and having to pay around $400 for a consult, it’s now possible to have the exact same program to use at home for just $97.47. Plus… keep the session forever – like having your personal therapist on call.

What You Receive (click the email link sent after you Buy Now and download your session)

• You sit back and watch as Dr Karen guides you to understand the reasons you eat as you do and how quickly you can adjust that. This innovative therapeutic 30 min video session is designed to open your mind to accept positive changes and suggestions. You commence at a conscious level before progressing into the subconscious process for change (valued at $197)

• You then enjoy a 40 min hypnotherapy session where you simply sit back, close your eyes, relax and listen allowing subconscious changes to be made in the way you think and feel about food (valued at $197).

• You also receive a relaxation session you listen to of an evening as you sleep, to further embed positive suggestions, enabling your mind to remain empowered and focused to lower your weight (valued $97).

• The Golden rules for successful change (valued at $47)

• The Acid / Alkaline chart to promote weight loss (described within the program session) (valued at $47)