We look forward to helping your furry loved one overcome their loneliness.

*Results can vary 

Music producer and composer, Aaron, talks about creating the therapeutic music for No More Lonely Dog


Anxiety is a fact of life—even for a dog. It’s not all chew toys, chasing your tail, going for walks or waiting to be fed. Our dogs are just as susceptible to the symptoms of anxiety as we are.

Our precious fur babies that suffer from anxiety have a host of symptoms, including barking, pacing, panting, trembling, excessive licking, or trying to escape. They also may exhibit destructive behaviours in the home or aggressive behaviours around people.

Separation Anxiety is also a common problem as our pets can become distressed, disruptive or destructive when left alone.

Our ‘No More Lonely Dog‘ session educates you the pet parent, on how to use the hypnotic music to relax your pet and say goodbye to those anxiety symptoms they feel.

Having a happy pooch that feels secure and comfortable enables them to enjoy each day more relaxed. It then helps you feel confident knowing your precious pooch is happy and safe at home. Our fur baby is like our child and we would do anything to help, comfort and support them.

With Virtual Hypnotherapy, treatment is as simple as watching and listening to the ‘No More Lonely Dog’ session in the comfort of your own home, with your pet, and at a time suitable for you.

Every dog owner knows that even when you leave for a relatively short time, upon your return your dog will respond as if you’ve been away for months. This, combined with the way your dog responds when you’re about to leave, can be symptomatic of anxiety.

Research tells us “Pro-active owners willing to seek help will have calmer and happier dogs, they need to put in some effort to remedy their pooch’s anxiety”, because our fur baby relies on us, trusts us to care for them the best way we can.

Using the Hypnotherapy for No More Lonely Dog will Reduce your Pet’s Anxiety once and for all. Support your gorgeous Pooch now.

This innovative technique uses scientifically-designed sounds that dogs respond positively to and have been found to have a soothing effect. These sounds, combined with hypnotherapy suggestions, create a wonderful session to benefit your dog to create a calm, secure feeling.

    • Help your fur baby feel relaxed daily
    • Enable them to say goodbye to you and remain secure and happy
    • Remove their fear of being alone
    • Let go of that tension that can haunt them
    • You can feel free and happy knowing they are too
    • The session is the same as having Dr. Karen with your pet each day


As Ultrasound gets into our muscles, low-frequency vibration also has this same muscular effect. Didgeridoo sounds to create the low-frequency vibrations are also used within the track. The recording has been composed using hypnotic language with Pro-tools 12, the latest state of the art recording equipment.