Discover How Hypnotherapy Can Change Your Life . Stop carrying that issue or unwanted behaviour. Become Free!

Virtual Hypnotherapy is a complete natural on-line therapy to allow everyone access to professional therapeutic sessions without paying the high cost and without having to travel to appointments. These proven therapeutic on-line sessions have successfully helped thousands of people all over the world. Many now choosing on-line sessions instead of going into a therapist room. The sessions Karen conducts are a set formula that has taken her years to develop. It works regardless if you are in the room with Karen or doing it in the Virtual room with Karen. Beneficial life-changing results are the same.

Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed dream-like state of heightened awareness during which subconscious changes in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours, and feelings are created. Positive changes are made at a subconscious level, where our beliefs and habits are embedded. Take charge to discover the professional Home Remedy best for you.

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Research advise “the empirical evidence clearly indicates that hypnosis increases the efficacy of the interventions in medical and psychological treatments, saving time and money for government and client. It is prudent to give patients information about the benefits they can obtain through the use of hypnosis”.

'Hypnotherapy is a Natural Drug Free Solution' where you take control. Dissolve those problems and improve your life.

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Your Therapeutic Hypnosis Sessions

Meaningful therapy from every device

It can be difficult to wait days or weeks for an appointment. With Virtual Hypnotherapy, you can simply download your chosen session from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone whenever you’re ready to begin your recovery. It’s the Home Remedy for everyone. Your session plays from your device and you have it forever.

How the Hypnotherapy Sessions Work:

  1. Choose the session you need
  2. Select Buy Now button
  3. Receive email link
  4. Download to your device (Apple device places it in iTunes, Androids in download folder)
  5. Sit quietly to begin your therapeutic session

Some Of Our Hypnotherapy Success Stories

People from all over the world have benefited from our Virtual Hypnotherapy sessions
 Virtual Hypnotherapy Featured In Major Television & News Outlets